[wp-hackers] Future of wp-hackers

Travis Snoozy ai2097 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 26 02:35:46 GMT 2007

Terribly sorry, but I'm going to veer sharply off topic onto wp-testers.

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 19:04:31 -0700, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com>
> People talking past each other about PHP5 (AFTER a decision had been 
> made) generates hundreds of posts, yet Alex's post about unit tests, 
> which has the potential to have a real impact on the quality of WP in 
> the future, thuds with nary a response.

... this rather irritates me, because it never showed up in 
*wp-testers*. I asked about automated testing in May[1]. I spent
several months developing tests in my spare time with SimpleTest so
that I could finally automate testing on my plugin. This is exactly the
kind of post that would've spurred me to response, but I never -got-
it, because I wasn't subscribed to this list.

Why is there a list for testers if important stuff like this isn't
posted to it?



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