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All things considered, congratulations on another great release :)

Most everyone I've spoken to is pretty impressed with the tagging, and devs are liking the new (clean!) taxonomy schema.

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> I've just finished reading through the 323 pingbacks (!) currently on
> the 2.3 announcement post. (At least the ones in English.) Here's a
> sampling of what people are saying:
> http://www.evansims.com/thoughts/wordpress-23-impressions/
> "All in all, I’d say 2.3 is a fantastic upgrade for any Wordpress user,
> and the team has done a fantastic job with it."
> http://tensixteen64.com/journal/2007/09/25/upgrade-complete/
> "I then ran the upgrade script, reactivated all my plugins. Downloaded
> the updates for the plugins that needed upgrading. *That’s SO cool! I
> love being notified when an upgrade is needed!*"
> http://www.ivovic.net/2007/09/25/wordpress-23/
> "So, with version 2.3 we now have native tagging support, and I think
> that’ll do me for the foreseeable future… that is, until they decide to
> add something else I really like."
> http://www.thebetanews.com/the-beta-news-are-now-running-wordpress-23/
> "Then I ran the upgrade script and that was it."
> http://manukhanna.com/wordpress/wordpress23/
> "As always, the installation went off like a breeze."
> http://designadaptations.com/notebook/dont-mind-the-construction/
> "Clicktags is much faster, because it turns your tags into “buttons”
> you
> can view and click to add to the entry field (similar to an option in
> the now defunct UTW), but if you have many tags it also takes up a lot
> of room."
> http://www.limetouch.com/2007/09/25/released-wordpress-23/
> "Needless to say, I have already upgraded and successfully imported all
> my tags from Simple Tagging to WordPress. I have also integrated them
> into my theme and updated the category association for my links which
> were put on hold due to the pending release of 2.3."
> http://bloggingexperiment.com/archives/new-wordpress-features-
> released.php
> "I’m continually amazed at the number of features and improvements
> WordPress continually makes. If you’re not using this platform your
> blog, you really should give it a shot. If there’s something you want
> that it doesn’t have, wait a while and chances are they’ll be adding it
> soon."
> There was only one post about the blog URL/update issue:
> http://just-thinkin.net/2007/09/wordpress-23-privacy-issue-your-
> opinions-please/
> Luke-warm:
> http://geminigeek.com/blog/archives/2007/09/upgraded-wordpress-23/
> "The transition from UTW to WP2.3 native tagging is rather painless,
> though there’s some iffy-ness somewhere in between. Now here’s a few
> things I don like about tagging in WP2.3"
> There were some negative posts, but not that many:
> http://www.toxic-web.co.uk/blog/2007/09/25/toxic-web-40/
> "First thing being it’s native tag support, which means UTW should be
> redundant but again, as with past major upgrades, they seem to have
> done
> certain things half arsed and many of the things UTW does in one
> package
> needs more plugins in 2.3 - you’d think they’d have included some way
> of
> managing the tags."
> http://www.scamcity.co.uk/journal/2007/09/25/wordpress-23-thoughts/
> "So WordPress 2.3 has just been released, and like I lot of people I
> uploaded and upgraded but then I reverted..."
> Scam City also says in the comments:
> "I dunno, I am a bit disillusioned with the running of WordPress and
> how
> the emphasis is on the .com while the .org is left to waste most of the
> time."
> Which I think is pretty demonstrably not true. Anyone want to run stats
> on the SVN repo or Trac?
> http://www.onemanandhisblog.com/archives/2007/09/wordpress_woes.html
> "I just upgraded my Wordpress blog, Coffee & Complexity, to version
> 2.3.
> It broke, horribly, despite me following all the recommended steps."
> http://kainzy.org/2007/09/25/dfbdfhdrfh/
> "I’m still not sure what has happened but my Extended Live Archives
> setup went totally wrong and threw a major wobbly, which resulted in me
> disabling the thing, then Ultimate Tag Warrior went a bit mental. The
> Archives page looks a bit poorly now as a result."
> Note: In the future we'll know plugin popularity and can mention the
> most popular ones specifically in a release, it seems Google Sitemaps
> and Extended Live Archives are mentioned frequently.
> http://blog.plasticmind.com/cms/why-you-should-upgrade-to-mt4/
> "All of WP 2.3’s new features have been in MT for years."
> Being on a platform that just got user registration and paginated
> archives last month must make you bitter. I'll leave making a chart
> showing the number of years the "What's new in MT4" features have been
> in WP as an exercise to the reader. They're even copying our
> open-sourceness. :)
> http://movabletype.org/whatsnew.html
> Here's Abhijit's response:
> http://ifacethoughts.net/2007/09/25/wordpress-23-and-another-
> comparison-with-movable-type/
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