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Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Tue Sep 25 17:14:11 GMT 2007

I've just finished reading through the 323 pingbacks (!) currently on 
the 2.3 announcement post. (At least the ones in English.) Here's a 
sampling of what people are saying:

"All in all, I’d say 2.3 is a fantastic upgrade for any Wordpress user, 
and the team has done a fantastic job with it."

"I then ran the upgrade script, reactivated all my plugins. Downloaded 
the updates for the plugins that needed upgrading. *That’s SO cool! I 
love being notified when an upgrade is needed!*"

"So, with version 2.3 we now have native tagging support, and I think 
that’ll do me for the foreseeable future… that is, until they decide to 
add something else I really like."

"Then I ran the upgrade script and that was it."

"As always, the installation went off like a breeze."

"Clicktags is much faster, because it turns your tags into “buttons” you 
can view and click to add to the entry field (similar to an option in 
the now defunct UTW), but if you have many tags it also takes up a lot 
of room."

"Needless to say, I have already upgraded and successfully imported all 
my tags from Simple Tagging to WordPress. I have also integrated them 
into my theme and updated the category association for my links which 
were put on hold due to the pending release of 2.3."

"I’m continually amazed at the number of features and improvements 
WordPress continually makes. If you’re not using this platform your 
blog, you really should give it a shot. If there’s something you want 
that it doesn’t have, wait a while and chances are they’ll be adding it 

There was only one post about the blog URL/update issue:



"The transition from UTW to WP2.3 native tagging is rather painless, 
though there’s some iffy-ness somewhere in between. Now here’s a few 
things I don like about tagging in WP2.3"

There were some negative posts, but not that many:

"First thing being it’s native tag support, which means UTW should be 
redundant but again, as with past major upgrades, they seem to have done 
certain things half arsed and many of the things UTW does in one package 
needs more plugins in 2.3 - you’d think they’d have included some way of 
managing the tags."

"So WordPress 2.3 has just been released, and like I lot of people I 
uploaded and upgraded but then I reverted..."

Scam City also says in the comments:
"I dunno, I am a bit disillusioned with the running of WordPress and how 
the emphasis is on the .com while the .org is left to waste most of the 

Which I think is pretty demonstrably not true. Anyone want to run stats 
on the SVN repo or Trac?

"I just upgraded my Wordpress blog, Coffee & Complexity, to version 2.3. 
It broke, horribly, despite me following all the recommended steps."

"I’m still not sure what has happened but my Extended Live Archives 
setup went totally wrong and threw a major wobbly, which resulted in me 
disabling the thing, then Ultimate Tag Warrior went a bit mental. The 
Archives page looks a bit poorly now as a result."

Note: In the future we'll know plugin popularity and can mention the 
most popular ones specifically in a release, it seems Google Sitemaps 
and Extended Live Archives are mentioned frequently.

"All of WP 2.3’s new features have been in MT for years."

Being on a platform that just got user registration and paginated 
archives last month must make you bitter. I'll leave making a chart 
showing the number of years the "What's new in MT4" features have been 
in WP as an exercise to the reader. They're even copying our 
open-sourceness. :)


Here's Abhijit's response:


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