[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-testers] New tag entry plugin

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Sun Sep 23 17:05:45 GMT 2007

tai wrote:
> Though, I still prefer a tag name rather than a tag slug in the upper
> Tag entry field, because it is easy to confirm current tags when I
> edit a post.

I understand, especially since the slugs are unreadable strings of 
%3e%42 etc. if you don't do something about them in Japanese, such as 
write them out in European alphabets. (You probably want to define 
custom slugs anyway, so your URLs are more readable.) I will also 
point out that you can see the list of tag names (rather than slugs) 
inside the Advanced Tag Entry section, where it lists them out as the 
blog reader will see them (e.g. in Japanese characters).

Just so you can understand why I made the decision to put slugs in the 
upper tag entry field:

If I put the tag names in the upper tag field, they would have to be 
"raw" rather than display-filtered tag names, which can get to be 
fairly long and cumbersome for multi-lingual bloggers. You might only 
be able to see one or two tags in the width of the field, which isn't 
all that useful or readable. The slugs, on the other hand, are 
normally short and readable. Multi-lingual bloggers were my primary 
reason for writing the plugin, for users (including myself) of 
Language Switcher, one of my other plugins.

Also I was concerned about special characters if raw names were put 
into the upper field, because ATE works through JavaScript/JQuery, 
which requires some encoding, and then WP does some encoding and 
editing upon save, and so on -- sometimes this could end up creating a 
new tag if you are not really careful about which special characters 
are encoded by which method in which spot. So I felt it was safer to 
put the slugs into the upper tag field (which have already been 
URL-encoded in the DB), and then let WP do all the tag saving for 
posts. Perhaps it was a bit of laziness on my part, since the plugin 
then doesn't have to worry about how to associate tags with posts, but 
putting slugs there ensures that WP finds the correct tags to 
associate. So at least it works correctly. :)

> I've made advtagentry-ja.mo, so may I send it to you?

Yes, translations are welcome -- I already have Chinese and Spanish. 
If anyone has further translations they'd like to contribute under the 
GPL, please send both PO and MO files (so that others can modify 
translations, they need PO; if they just want to use it unmodified, 
they need MO), and I'll put them into the release zip.

Send them directly to me rather than to the list, because I think the 
list strips attachments.


Jennifer Hodgdon

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