: [wp-hackers] Add_Submenu_Page Q's

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Sep 18 21:01:55 GMT 2007

I just did a test with the plugin you had posted on your web site, and 
you are right, putting the add_options_page section above the 
add_menu_page does break it.

I see what is happening in the code, and I have submitted a Trac bug 
report with details. I took the liberty of posting your plugin to the 
bug report; hope that is OK since you GPL'd the code. See:


I'm working on a patch...


Mike Walsh wrote:
> I am reasonably sure but I will check it again tonight.  I used your code
> and it worked so I started comparing my code to yours and the
> add_menu_page() add_submenu_page() calls were virtually identical but mine
> didn't work.  So I then made them identical and mine still didn't work.  So
> then I commented out my calls to add_options_page(), add_management_page(),
> and add_theme_page() and mine worked.  So I then tried to uncomment them one
> at a time to see if one was the problem but having any one of them caused it
> to fail.  So then I moved them below the calls to add_menu_page() and
> add_submenu_page() and everything worked as expected.  Odd?  Yep.
> I'll double check it later tonight.
> Mike
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> Mike Walsh wrote:
>> Thank you very much for this example, it helped me quite a bit.  It turns
>> out my code wasn't much different than what is posted below BUT my code
> also
>> included calls to add_options_page(), add_management_page(), and
>> add_theme_page().  If these calls happen prior to calling add_menu_page()
>> and/or add_submenu_page(), the creation of the custom sub menus fails.
> Are you sure? Seems very strange that it should be so. Did you go back 
> and take your working code, and put in an add_options_page call, and 
> verify that it made your other code not work?
>      --Jennifer

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