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Mike Walsh mike_walsh at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 18 17:35:58 GMT 2007

I am reasonably sure but I will check it again tonight.  I used your code
and it worked so I started comparing my code to yours and the
add_menu_page() add_submenu_page() calls were virtually identical but mine
didn't work.  So I then made them identical and mine still didn't work.  So
then I commented out my calls to add_options_page(), add_management_page(),
and add_theme_page() and mine worked.  So I then tried to uncomment them one
at a time to see if one was the problem but having any one of them caused it
to fail.  So then I moved them below the calls to add_menu_page() and
add_submenu_page() and everything worked as expected.  Odd?  Yep.

I'll double check it later tonight.


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Mike Walsh wrote:
> Thank you very much for this example, it helped me quite a bit.  It turns
> out my code wasn't much different than what is posted below BUT my code
> included calls to add_options_page(), add_management_page(), and
> add_theme_page().  If these calls happen prior to calling add_menu_page()
> and/or add_submenu_page(), the creation of the custom sub menus fails.

Are you sure? Seems very strange that it should be so. Did you go back 
and take your working code, and put in an add_options_page call, and 
verify that it made your other code not work?

Jennifer Hodgdon

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