[wp-hackers] New tag entry plugin

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Sep 18 23:28:29 GMT 2007

We have had a few discussions recently on Hackers and Testers WP lists 
about tag functionality in the core of WordPress. As I mentioned in at 
least one of my previous posts, I needed more functionality for 
defining tags than the core WP implementation of tags allowed for on 
the post editing screen. In my case, it was specifically in order to 
handle multi-lingual tags (e.g. need to be able to enter the tag's 
slug directly rather than generating from the tag name, which contains 
language tags). Someone else also requested the ability to choose tags 
from ones previously used on other posts.

So, I've created the first pass at an "Advanced Tag Entry" plugin, 
which adds a section to post edit screens. It works fine for me in the 
current bleeding-edge WP 2.3; I haven't tested with any of the RC zips 
specifically, but it should be fine. Feature list and download at:


Thanks in advance for any comments you can supply!
Jennifer Hodgdon

Poplar ProductivityWare * www.poplarware.com
Web Databases/Scripts * Modeling/Analysis/Palm OS Software

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