[wp-hackers] Ribcage - Manage A Record Label Website With Wordpress Plugin, help required

Alex Andrews awgandrews at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 21:47:49 GMT 2007

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Hello all

As I have mentioned once before, I am trying to create a Wordpress plugin
that allows for one to manage the website of a record label - called
Ribcage, since it is developed for a Creative Commons netlabel called
Records On Ribs (it will of course be GPLed). I have written a fair bit of
code, which is up at  http://tools.assembla.com/ribcage/browser .

The intended features include ability to manage downloads of various music
file types, ability to edit artist descriptions, events and track these
downloads giving them a report on what has been downloaded
which integrates with Last.fm. A cluster of shell scripts will be called by
Cron to convert FLAC files someone uploads to various formats for release.

I am in a bit of a time crunch here (we have artists ready for release this
month), and I am floundering out of my depth as this is my first serious php
(or any) project. Any help anyone can give would be most excellent,
particularly with the creation of the admin section, as I have little idea
of what I am doing here.

If you cannot help personally a few things would be useful.

1) an example of a good, robust download/upload manager program, either a
wordpress plugin or otherwise
2) recomendations for MP3 management shell scripts.

So reply here if you want to help out or have suggestions on the best way to
go about these things.



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