[wp-hackers] Planet generator

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Wed Oct 31 19:00:42 GMT 2007

> Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 13:41:46 -0400
> From: Callum Macdonald <lists.automattic.com at callum-macdonald.com>
> Subject: Re: [wp-hackers] Planet generator

> Would a combination of WP & FeedWordPress do the same job? Any issues
> with it?
> As far as I know, planets don't allow comments or send pings, so I'm
> guessing those aspects of WP would have to be turned off. But the
> themes, searching, tagging, categories, etc would be quite nice. If  
> the
> blogroll was generated automatically that would also be a nice  
> feature.

FeedWordpress  really is nice.  Each incoming post auto-generates new  
categories and authors in the system when necessary. Comments can be  
inside the planet site  or link to the original source, your choice.  
And yes, the blogroll is generated automatically. Here's a planet   
site  I built recently with FeedWordpress  that does these things:



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