[wp-hackers] Nice to meet you

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon Mar 26 15:51:09 GMT 2007

We finally have a running alpha out of the box, and would like some  
feedback and brainstorming on it, while working on the other part of  
our system.

It's like sidebar widgets for the loop, reuse main part of the  
sidebar code (actually cloning it, but we are working on a wrapper),  
use the same design api for themes and widgets, just play *inside* or  
*instead* the loop, and features a light interface prototype in  
jquery (with awful colors bundled ;-).

If anyone is tempted and wants to check it out please download from:


and share your doubts or your happiness (and maybe your code as  
well ;-).
We'll start tomorrow working on the two sets of widgets, one for  
wordpress and one for wpmu. Actually you can convert quite any widget  
to a postwidget simply swapping every 'sidebar' reference (function  
names and so on) into 'mainbar' (that was the codename, will soon  


Il giorno 24/mar/07, alle ore 11:06, Pixline ha scritto:

> Matt Mullenweg wrote:
>> Juan Manuel Doren wrote:
>>> can you recommend me some documentation to read, or some plugin to
>>> look for this purpose?
>> What you just described sounds like a one-off implementation of  
>> MU, so I'd recommend adapting your system to work with MU as  
>> that's a much more mature and maintained base.
> Actually we are working on a group of plugins, themes and widgets  
> that will allow to use WPMU as a multisite CMS, with some features  
> that actually have really few things blog-oriented. For example,  
> one of our subproject is a sort of clone of the WP sidebar widget  
> feature, but applied to the main loop; combined with a compatible  
> theme, it will allow to build really complex layouts for the home  
> page, with ease. (wp has a plugin system called canvas [1] that  
> make something similar, but we need something different and WPMU  
> based)

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