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Knut-Olav Hoven hovenko at linpro.no
Tue Mar 27 07:57:48 GMT 2007

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On Friday 23 March 2007 04:59, Juan Manuel Doren wrote:
> Thank you Matt and Steve!
> my first goal is to use WP to manage several sites, but with just one
> installation.

I am making sort of the same functionality for WPMU. I know WPMU has some 
support for multiple sites, but the sites should have different users 
database and might later get other differences. One think was clear, it must 
be running from the same code.

> I used to start my own codes with somethink like
> if ( gentenv( 'HOST_NAME' ) == 'example.com' )
> ... yeah, this is just an example, I really use a hosts table on the
> database!  ;-)

The solution I went for was to define a directory to hold all my site specific 
configurations as well as a global one (i.e. one database, but different 
table prefixes). The configuration file used when loading WordPress is based 
on the name of the site. In my situation that was the first part/directory of 
the URL (i.e. http://www.example.com/foo/blog/ tells me to use the config 
file wpmu-site-foo.php).

Since I was using MU I needed to make a new directory structure for keeping 
the users uploaded files. Since the blog ID's start all over for each site, i 
needed to separete the upload directories 
(i.e. /wp-content/uploads/foo/blogs.dir/...)

> this allows me to share only one list of users, i have one database to
> backup, can share some resources across all my sites network ( images,
> videos, css and others )
> can you recommend me some documentation to read, or some plugin to
> look for this purpose?

There was very little documentation about this sort of things, but 
http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_Multiple_Blogs is a start.

Remember... multisite is nothing more than a new dimension to the 
multiblog-concept of MU.

> I decided to start working on WP and forget ( for a while ) WPMU, I
> hope to make some contributions in a short time

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