[wp-hackers] Nice to meet you

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Sat Mar 24 10:06:22 GMT 2007

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Juan Manuel Doren wrote:
>> can you recommend me some documentation to read, or some plugin to
>> look for this purpose?
> What you just described sounds like a one-off implementation of MU,  
> so I'd recommend adapting your system to work with MU as that's a  
> much more mature and maintained base.

At Pixline we are going into the same way in our actual project, and  
after a lot of tries to build our system upon WP, we also switched to  
WPMU as the main codebase. I also think that WPMU is the way to go  
for the implementation you describe.

Actually we are working on a group of plugins, themes and widgets  
that will allow to use WPMU as a multisite CMS, with some features  
that actually have really few things blog-oriented. For example, one  
of our subproject is a sort of clone of the WP sidebar widget  
feature, but applied to the main loop; combined with a compatible  
theme, it will allow to build really complex layouts for the home  
page, with ease. (wp has a plugin system called canvas [1] that make  
something similar, but we need something different and WPMU based)

We'd love to release a public alpha of our codebase soon, around the  
half of April. I hope your needs will match our code ;-)

Paolo Tresso

[1] http://freshpursuits.com/canvas/

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