[wp-hackers] Nice to meet you

Juan Manuel Doren jmdoren at ok.cl
Thu Mar 22 17:38:37 GMT 2007


my name is Juan Manuel Doren, I´m a chilean engineer working in a lot
of sites with several thousand of visitors every day.

I just decided to use wordpress as my core dms system and contribute
to the core development

as a newbie in this list i have a lot of questions..... the first one is this:

Why wp and wpmu are two different products?
I think wpmu can be used as a the core system if we  think wp as an
special case of a multi blog site with only one blog active, so we
have only one project to mantain

i ask this because i would like to work improving wpmu, but i'm
affraid to waste my work if wp core changes

what do you think about this?

Juan Manuel Doren
Santiago, Chile

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