[wp-hackers] Nice to meet you

Steve Lewis stevelle at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 01:26:29 GMT 2007

On 3/22/07, Juan Manuel Doren <jmdoren at ok.cl> wrote:
> Why wp and wpmu are two different products?
> I think wpmu can be used as a the core system if we  think wp as an
> special case of a multi blog site with only one blog active, so we
> have only one project to mantain

The answer seems to be at least partly philosophical

It takes a lot of extra stuff to make wpmu do what it does.  The folks here
are rather in agreement that keeping WP small, clean, and fast is a high
priority.  For your special case of one active blog, wpmu has quite a bit of
stuff included in it that would simply be chaff.

Chaff decreases the accessibility of the source to new contributors, it
complicates extension as there are more moving parts to potentially
interrupt, and requires more care with regard to security.

All of this is beside the fact that it bloats the product.

If you want to contribute to wpmu, keeping up on the wpmu hackers list is an
easy decision.  Keeping an eye on the core svn list might also be a good
idea, but there are relatively few things that are changed in the core very
haphazardly.  WP core code has done a /reasonable/ job of being marked as
deprecated before it is broken irrevocably (with a couple of notable


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