[wp-hackers] NOOB Wants to Give Blogger Import Some Lovin'

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Thu Mar 15 20:13:00 GMT 2007

I've been a long time lurker, occasional commenter, but not a
contributor.  Well, to quote Gregory Peck as Captain Keith Mallory in
The Guns of Navarone: "Mister, your by standing days are over".


I have been working with Blogger importing for a couple of weeks now.  I
think I'm getting quite familiar with all the issues.  I have especially
been using the new blogger import tool in 2.2 and am finding a lot to
like.  But I see some shortfalls, issues that I know how to fix.  So I
want to fix them.


My question is, as a noob, how do I go about this?  I've read all the
stuff in the Codex about how to contribute, I'm in the SVN, have the
bleeding edge code, etc.  I'm not asking technically "how do I do this",
I've been writing code for a lotta years, I've been writing and
debugging PHP for a year or two now.  Technically, I have a handle on
that stuff.


My question is more of one of protocol.  I have searched the TRAC for
issues around the new blogger importer, none of my issues are there, and
I think there is a need/space/opportunity for me to contribute.  I'm
really asking how does one do this in this community, without stepping
on toes?  Clearly someone spent a whole lot of time developing the new
importer, I'd hate to be duplicating things they are working on now.
Should I find out who the author of is (how)?  Do I get in an email chat
with them?  Is there some IRC I should go to chat it up with them?
Should I just dive in, work on it, submit a patch only to find whoever's
working on it has been solving the same problem?


Sorry to be such a noob, but I'd like to join in the party, I just don't
know the secret handshake :-)




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