[wp-hackers] Reusable code should be easier to use in other projects

Lars Olesen lsolesen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 18:46:56 GMT 2007

Wordpress is a great project with a lot of great code. A lot of the
code is directed towards the actual blog software, but there is a lot
of code snippets which could be utilized in many other projects. For
instance autoop(), auto_clickable() and antispambot(). However, it is
not easy to include these in other projects without having to track
down the Wordpress code and finding them.

I would suggest to put these reusable components in a PEAR channel
(not to be confused with making them a part of the PEAR project).
Having the functions in a PEAR channel would make it easy to use them
by other projects.

An example is this:


Now it would be possible for anybody to install antispambot on their
own server (in their include directory) with the following command
from the command line:

$ pear install intrafacepublic/antispambot

And if there comes a new version of antispambot, just the following:

$ pear upgrade intrafacepublic/antispambot

The method is from the commandline, but it can also be achieved
through a webfrontend. So say Wordpress incorporated a webfronted
where you could update or install individual parts of the Wordpress
system. You could just have a button with the text "update all" or
just some checkboxes with individual components - and there would be
no hazzle of having to play with either ftp or the command line.

Actually, the whole wordpress community - I think - would benefit if
incorporating the PEAR installer much more in the project. I would
make installation and updating everything much easier when a new
version of the core code or just a single plugin in rolled out.

Lars Olesen
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