[wp-hackers] Security Releases Proposal

Brian Layman Brian at thecodecave.com
Wed Jun 13 13:21:45 GMT 2007

Mark wrote:
> What I think Lloyd is advocating is that (from here on out) we not abandon
the penultimate branch 
> until the latest branch has at least one good stability update under its
I'd have to agree.  A vital security patch within a month of a major release
is unique situation.  If the fix doesn't require a large rework, it seems
best to do release an updated for the penultimate version.  I don't know
that I would tie it to a point release.  That's even more arbitrary than
just picking 1 month as the time frame.  A point release could be two days
after the major release or two months.  1 mo. is a reasonable time frame to
allow preparation for an update in most situations.  Plus penultimate is my
favorite word and I rarely get to use it in sentences. Kudos for Mark
working conundrum into the same paragraph!

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