[wp-hackers] Reusable code should be easier to use in other projects

Alex Günsche ag.ml2007 at zirona.com
Mon Jun 11 19:32:00 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 11:46 -0700, Lars Olesen wrote:
> I would suggest to put these reusable components in a PEAR channel
> (not to be confused with making them a part of the PEAR project).
> Having the functions in a PEAR channel would make it easy to use them
> by other projects.

Extracting functions etc. for generic use is certainly a good idea -- if
somebody is willing to do the job. However, PEAR is not an option here,
mostly because of license issues. WordPress is GPL, and PEAR doesn't
allow GPLed code.


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