[wp-hackers] Comment Feed and Trackback Problem

Bill Smith ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org
Tue Jan 16 20:09:41 GMT 2007

I've been playing with a plugin that creates entries in the posts table 
with post types other than post, page, and attachment. I'm doing this 
with the idea of using the commenting components that already exist in 
Wordpress (moderation, akismet, etc.) instead of growing my own. While 
playing with this, the standard comment feed and trackback links were 
displayed with the links being 
http://localhost:8080/wordpress21/?feed=rss2&p=5 and 
http://localhost:8080/wordpress21/wp-trackback.php?p=5. I wasn't 
surprised that these would fail in my case because p=5 will look for a 
post/page. However, it did prompt to try and create a page with a 
standard attachment using the upload functionality linking to a page. 
The same problem occurred. The links contain a querystring with p= 
instead of attachment_id=. This was done with the default theme and 
syncing with svn and the 2.1 branch. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


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