[wp-hackers] WP 2.07 sidebar vanishes in IE7

Ross M. W. Bennetts ross.bennetts at une.edu.au
Wed Jan 17 01:44:26 GMT 2007

Has anyone else seen this problem?

My sidebar seems to be invisible in IE7 since I upgraded to 2.07. It still
looks fine in FireFox.

Initially I thought it may be some changes I made to the Anthurium Mix theme
I was using, but then I switched back to Kubrick and the problem still


This is the site: http://acbc.hostiz.com/

It's a free host (hostiz=yo-yo), so if it's not there, come back later.

Can anyone see if it is a mistake I have made somewhere, before I upgrade my
other, more critical sites?





Ross M. W. Bennetts

Web Editor

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Email: ross.bennetts at une.edu.au


Information Technology Directorate

University of New England

Armidale, Australia.


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