[wp-hackers] Improved Ozh WordPress Version Info Tool

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Dec 24 02:53:04 GMT 2007

After two days, I've completed a version of Ozh tool that improves on 
the information and supplies information for constants, globals [1], 
functions, methods, classes, and properties. The tool is an attempt to 
improve the @since tags in WordPress inline documentation.

I'm not ready to give up the source and URL yet, but expect to hear 
something after Christmas.

Ozh's sexy tool just got sexier.

The code will be posted for anyone that wants to take a look at the 
tokenizer and regular expression code. Just need a few more days to test 
it out and do some other things.

[1] Tokenizer is a bitch. Complete and straight up bitch. In the 
prototype, I started to create a blacklist, but soon realized that a 
white list would be a better approach. In that attempt, I found that 
false positives for globals were being created and not relying on the 
block level code. Therefore the globals are strict global variables with 
the syntax "global $var1, $var2, ...;". Another way of putting it is 
that even through top level variables are technically globals, they 
aren't going to be included in the list unless a function uses them.


Jacob Santos

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