[wp-hackers] Decision time in re: admin rework

Les Bessant les at lcb.me.uk
Sun Dec 23 21:33:06 GMT 2007

>>>> PLEASE use this opportunity to change "Howdy" to "Hello" -
>>>> Wordpress is
>>>> an international product, not a U.S.A one - howdy really doesn't
>>>> work
>>>> well in Europe!
> In case it's not obvious to non-U.S. users, just wanted to say that we
> don't go around saying "Howdy" to each other in the U.S. When
> Americans hear "Howdy," we think "Old time cowboy" or "1950s western."
> Howdy as a  greeting is NOT common in the U.S., and is usually used in
> a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. So it seems odd to see all these people
> calling it U.S.-centric.
> I'm not arguing against making it localizable - just saying that I
> don't think Matt's insisting on it is as U.S.-centric as it may look.
> It's just a small bit of fun, and it does a good job of showing that
> WP doesn't take itself so seriously that it can't have a bit of fun.

I think the point people have is that it's a "bit of fun" that doesn't
actually translate too well into non-US English to native English
speakers, never mind anyone else. This may not be apparent to speakers of
US English, hence the suggestions from speakers of other varieties of
English that it's US-centric.

To me, it seems odd that people in the US think it's odd that people
outside the US see something so definitively USian as US-centric.

But as changing it is essentially trivial, it's not really a big deal, so
I'll shut up about it now...


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