[wp-hackers] SM2WP v2.0 BETA Now Released.

Curt Woodard clwoodard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 03:25:11 GMT 2007

Thanks to everyone in this forum for the discussions you guys have :)
Got me thinking, then tinkering, and I think I've got my first stable
version of this plugin finished, not to mention my first really
published plugin. Also, thanks to Stephen for pushing me to look into
better ways of coding this nugget ;)

You can all see the changes in previous threads, but here's the
current change log and the link to SM2WP!

   * 2007-08-29 23:04:20:
      * Cleaned up the code quite a bit so that there are is only one variable
        declared outside of a funciton in the main script: $sm2wp_options
      * Cleaned up the options so that only two are now available (thanks to
        Stephen for this idea). SM2WP now checks to see if the current install
        of WP has a table prefix that matches that of the master copy. If it
        doesn't, then it's a slave copy, otherwise it is a master copy.
      * Cleaned up the option storage so that it is stored under one entry in
        the options table: sm2wp_options which is a serialized array.
      * Killed off the admin_transfer option. If the install is a slave, then it
        will either have entries in the master usermeta or it won't. If they do
        not, then SM2WP will create them, otherwise it will not.
      * There would be an issue when returning a slave back to master status:
        the user and pass cookies, which are now stored in the sm2wp_options
        array, would still point to the previous master. This has been fixed so
        that during the loading of the options, the correct cookies will be put
        back into the option array.
      * Since I'm now using the table prefix matching method to determine the
        master/slave role of the blog, I also removed all options dealing with
        the role, including the master/slave dropdown on the main option panel.
      * Tested the plugin again to see how stable it is, everything checked out
        fine. There was an issue with multiple copies of the usermeta from the
        slave appearing in the master table. This was fixed. The script should
        be relatively stable now, but test to be sure.
      * Added this readme file and the accompanying images to the plugin's zip.
      * Upgraded to version 2.0 BETA



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