[wp-hackers] Grab a seat. On Delaying 2.2, separating tables

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Sun Apr 15 12:24:02 GMT 2007

For what it's worth I'll cast my vote in favour. Getting rid of the link
categories table was itself bad database design and adding tags just
compounds that. It's no way to treat a relational database!


> another +1 from me,
> Once its released, theres going to be a lot of new plugins centered around
> it, It seems tag support has come late in the dev. cycle, i was supprised
> to see more tagging patches coming in after the version was bumped(to
> almost-beta).
> I think its in the interest both of future WP development, and for the
> Plugin authors to get the tagging support done well in a flexible manner,
> if that means breaking up the category table into 3 seperate tables, then
> so be it.. But it needs to be done well first, it'll be harder to change
> it down the line.

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