[wp-hackers] Grab a seat. On Delaying 2.2, separating tables

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Sun Apr 15 11:17:12 GMT 2007

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 20:52:19 +1000, Pixline <supporto at pixline.net> wrote:
> if 2.2 gets out with this db structure, it will be official; think about  
> the number of plugins and themes that will work on it,  and count how  
> many headaches will face wp-core team about backward compatibility...  
> Taking time and split tables will allow some authors to write their  
> plugins and be ready for 2.2

another +1 from me,
Once its released, theres going to be a lot of new plugins centered around  
it, It seems tag support has come late in the dev. cycle, i was supprised  
to see more tagging patches coming in after the version was bumped(to  
I think its in the interest both of future WP development, and for the  
Plugin authors to get the tagging support done well in a flexible manner,  
if that means breaking up the category table into 3 seperate tables, then  
so be it.. But it needs to be done well first, it'll be harder to change  
it down the line.

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