[wp-hackers] Grab a seat. On Delaying 2.2, separating tables

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sun Apr 15 17:43:33 GMT 2007

> For what it's worth I'll cast my vote in favour. Getting rid of the
link categories table was itself bad 
> database design and adding tags just compounds that. It's no way to
treat a relational database!

I've not looked at the tagging implementation, but I will +1 categories
(re)split.  I never saw the bang for the buck of unifying these two
tables and while conversions weren't quite as bad as I predicted them to
be (on this list), we still lost features and broke parts of sites (link
categories suddenly appearing that were hidden before, missing blog roll
side bar sections, and other oddities.).  I can't imagine adding tags to
the same table will be a path to future success.  That table is going to
need to be split again at some point.  These are not all uniform
concepts.  Let's do it now before we get further down the path.

Thanks for bringing this up again Robert.

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