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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sat Sep 30 19:52:41 GMT 2006

> You're not looking at this as an engineer.  Backups run nightly,
> meaning that it's quite possible to lose up to and including an entire
> working day's worth of work.  Most use cvs as a real-time backup
> option, checking in intermediate versions/working copies of stuff
> that's only halfway to compilation-ready status so that they can have
> the security of knowing they have copies out the wazoo ready to fall
> back on. In these situations, falling back to last night's tape is cold
> comfort for engineers who lost 4 man-hours of blood, sweat n' tears to
> a protracted fight with gcc.

Forget proprietary software and its issuese:
Just install a shadow-copying service on the PC, and use hardware (RAID) mirroring.
Shadow-copying prevents damage from software-related things (and human "errors"), while the RAID protects the hardware-side of the picture.

In my experience that's always been the best way to keep things secure *without* the hassle, cost, and slow-downs associated with daily backups and manual recoveries.


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