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Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Sep 29 15:20:48 GMT 2006

Doug Wrote
>Backups run nightly, meaning
>that it's quite possible to lose up to and including an entire working
>day's worth of work.  

OK, I see your concern.  I'm sure your stuff is working well for you, but if
this info helps in some future meeting, I figured I'd share...  We handle
the need for a live backups though Database Mirroring.  It is very similar
to what you describe for file system, but with database tables.  In many
other engines, including a Berkeley DB and MySQL, it's known as Replication.
Basically all writes on a master server are automatically passed to one or
more clients.  That allows not only load spreading by creating multiple
query servers, but also creates a live backup that can easily be promoted to
a master - even if it is kept off site.

Here's BDB's take on database mirroring:

It's not something I'll ever use for BDB but if I ever find a sweet spot and
end up with an incredibly popular WordPress site, I figured I would use it
for the WordPress DB...  If you have *AMP at home, it should be a really
easy way ensure you have a good offsite backup of your site that can go live
in seconds or be fodder for a quick and complete restore...

I should try it in the RW and make a post about it sometime...  I've not
played with it under MySQL yet.  BTW - this does not protect against having
your site attacked.  All writes/deletes, good and bad, are mirrored to the
other db.  So, this is not a replacement for full and rotating backups.

Brian Layman

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