[wp-hackers] SVN: /branches/stable/

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Sep 29 13:18:22 GMT 2006

>> Just a thought - does SVN support HTTP redirects? If so, instead of
>> "reporting" the location with a REST service, you could simply do a
>> HTTP redirect from a fixed url
>> (http://static.wordpress.org/svn/latest) to the latest tag.
>Unfortunately not, Jeremy.
>It's not a "web server" so to speak, it's a version-control 
>system. Technically speaking, whatever file you put in there 
>will be treated as a static file (with some svn-specific 
>things), so even if it is hosted on Apache or whatnot, it'll 
>treat .htaccess files as data in its own way...

Think outside the box.  The .htaccess file doesn't need to be in the SVN
branch. It can be right at http://static.wordpress.org/ (no SVN involved at
that level) and still catch the specific url in question even if it is a
mile deep within the SVN structure.

We'd just have to create a TRAC issue so that this is done during the
release.  Are there standard TRAC issues that are created and marked as
complete for each planned release?  And if so, is that an automated process
or does someone have to go through and duplicated the issues form one track
to another?  Just curious....

BTW +1 on the implied switch to the term "latest" instead of "stable".  All
of the previous release were reportedly "stable" when released into the
wild. But you want the LAG (latest and greatest) version.  And we already
have the term "latest" used in the release structure...

When you want to get the LAG release via HTTP, no matter what its label, you
go to this url: http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

So, "we" should be consistent across the board.  I think....

Brian Layman

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