[wp-hackers] atom 1.0 support? + dev interest + howto get involved

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Sun Sep 24 03:30:05 GMT 2006

Jon Phillips wrote:
> I have implemented atom 1.0 support wordpress that is similar to
> wordpresses rss 0.92 and rss 2 support in that it allows for both.

(Please read fully for personal attack disclaimer. ;) )

You are not the first.  There is at least one Trac ticket that does 
this, and there's an Atom 1.0 syndicator that was posted to the list. 
Even I wrote such a plugin last year.

Atom is not just a syndication format.  Atom is also a complete and 
well-documented substitute for XML-RPC in regards to what XPL-RPC 
provides to WordPress.

The question is not whether you have implemented Atom 1.0 support for 
WordPress, but whether you have *fully implemented* the Atom 
specification in WordPress.

For pity's sake, **BLOGGER** has Atom publication support. 
**LIVEJOURNAL** has Atom publication support.  I never assumed that 
WordPress, with the minds on this list, would be the last tool to 
implement the full spec behind these other guys, but...

Please, I beg your pardon.  I don't mean this as an attack on your work, 
or to be directly hostile when you're new to the list.  I simply mean to 
emphasize a single point to the full membership, which is this:  I can 
syndicate just fine with the current RDF, RSS, and Atom flavors that 
WordPress currently outputs, so now if we're going to beat this horse to 
death let's at least get some glue out of it -- Implement the full spec.


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