[wp-hackers] atom 1.0 support? + dev interest + howto get involved

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Sep 24 03:02:35 GMT 2006

First off, welcome!

Jon Phillips wrote:
> This also brings up the question as to why wordpress has not changed
> over to atom 1.0 or added this support and if the dev. community is
> interested in this? Do you want a patch? I see there are a couple in the
> tracking system, but they just replace the old atom 0.3 support which I
> think is not good in wiping this old support out.

A patch that added 1.0 support in addition to 0.3 would be appropiate 
for trac.

> I also wonder about how to get SVN access to the project. I am now
> running off the trunk and would like to become a regular contributor to
> the project.

Regular contributors operate through trac, and after things are reviewed 
and tested either Ryan or I commit the patches.

> Also, how does one get access to the plugins in trac? Is this spelled
> out somewhere?

What do you mean?

> I have many projects I would like to help out like to:

The factors I consider when evaluating a new feature for WP:

* Intended audience interest
* Audience size
* Code / maintenance overhead
* Cross-platform compatibility

The answers to these doesn't mean a feature shouldn't be done, but it 
may be better suited for a plugin rather than the core codebase.

> a.) add webdav support to wordpress' upload system
> b.) add proper unix-style users and groups to wordpress

Each of these probably deserves its own thread to flesh out a bit more 
what you had in mind. If you want some background, particularly on the 
roles system, I would suggest Googling the wp-hackers list for some of 
the thinking behind the systems (and also the current proposed 

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