[wp-hackers] atom 1.0 support? + dev interest + howto get involved

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Sep 24 03:50:06 GMT 2006

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Please, I beg your pardon.  I don't mean this as an attack on your work, 
> or to be directly hostile when you're new to the list.  I simply mean to 
> emphasize a single point to the full membership, which is this:  I can 
> syndicate just fine with the current RDF, RSS, and Atom flavors that 
> WordPress currently outputs, so now if we're going to beat this horse to 
> death let's at least get some glue out of it -- Implement the full spec.

Is the APP final yet? I know the syndication format is, but I think the 
publishing protocol is still in development.

I think this was the best APP implementation I've seen thus far:


Works as a plugin.

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