[wp-hackers] atom 1.0 support? + dev interest + howto get involved

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Sep 24 02:19:25 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I have implemented atom 1.0 support wordpress that is similar to
wordpresses rss 0.92 and rss 2 support in that it allows for both.

This also brings up the question as to why wordpress has not changed
over to atom 1.0 or added this support and if the dev. community is
interested in this? Do you want a patch? I see there are a couple in the
tracking system, but they just replace the old atom 0.3 support which I
think is not good in wiping this old support out.

I have added this in support of two project: creativecommons.org's new
site and also a new project, http://overlap.org (sign up!)

I also wonder about how to get SVN access to the project. I am now
running off the trunk and would like to become a regular contributor to
the project.

What must I do to get commit into the trunk?

With Inkscape we run the ship where we require two patches before we
give someone SVN access, is there a similar hurdle to be jumped to get
dev. access? I would be interested in this as I'm adding much code to
the core of the app.

Also, how does one get access to the plugins in trac? Is this spelled
out somewhere?

I have many projects I would like to help out like to:

a.) add webdav support to wordpress' upload system
b.) add proper unix-style users and groups to wordpress

Anyway, Wordpress is great...I met a few of you at wordcamp and am
excited to start plugging into development.

I also dev. an app for Creative Commons called ccHost which is akin to
wordpress, but for media (http://wiki.creativecommons.org/cchost) It
powers ccmixter.org and openclipart.org/cchost (if anyone is curious to
check me out for legitimacy).


Jon Phillips

San Francisco, CA
USA PH 510.499.0894
jon at rejon.org

MSN, AIM, Yahoo Chat: kidproto
Jabber Chat: rejon at gristle.org
IRC: rejon at irc.freenode.net

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