[wp-hackers] Post Crashes WP, Can't Edit, Can't Publish

Angsuman Chakraborty angsuman at taragana.com
Wed Sep 20 17:34:27 GMT 2006

One of the servers you ping (like pingomatic) is most likely causing this problem. They are probably blocking the request.
I too have seen such delays but the post do get posted because of a plugin I use to increase the allotted time.

You can simply delete all the servers from the list (after saving a backup) and you should be able to post fine.

A final option is to change the status in the database directly.

-- Angsuman
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Forigve me, this *is* support, and I don't normally spam the list for
things like this, but I have a feeling this can't be helped in the

I found a bug in WP that is driving me insane. I've been writing a
Windows Vista RC1 review since it came out, and this week the
extremely long review is done.... I go to post it, and it just hangs
when I press "Save and Continue"  and no matter what, I can't get that
post to display in the write panel: it just hangs.

It's REALLY long, but if I "Save and Continue" it as a *page*, it'll go through.
I've unchecked "Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the
article (slows down posting.)" although it shouldn't matter (though
the post has many links I'm still saving it as a draft, so it
shouldn't ping....)

I can save and edit the page at will on WP 2.1 on my local IIS test
server, but on the remote (real) server, it just goes haywire (WP 2.1
as well).

Doing page.php?action=edit and using that post number shows it right,
but no matter what post.php?action=edit doesn't show it.....

I really need to publish this (and posting the full article here isn't
actuallly an option)... does this sound familiar to anyhting?

Works as a page but not as a post
happens when pingbacks are disabled too
works on local IIS server but not on remote linux/apache

Again, really sorry about posting it here, and hope someone can help.

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies
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