[wp-hackers] [Pretty OT]May I be the first to console Owen...

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Sat Sep 16 07:38:18 GMT 2006

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> On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 09:25:02AM -0400, Brian Layman wrote:
> > >Strange coincidence, I lost all the data on my VPS last 
> night when a
> > >RAID array died.
> > So, Something Unpredictable is gone too????
> > 
> > Ok. Now in my experience, RAID is now 0-5 in recovering 
> from failures.
> Ok, so I lost a drive on one of my 3ware RAIDs about two years ago.
> I replaced the drive (with a larger one -- couldn't find the same old
> small size anymore) and the RAID rebuilt happily and everything still
> works today.
> Just to even the score a bit ... :)  (Also, seems to have 
> been the case
> that Owen's and Robert's RAIDs were the exact same one.)
> Best regards,
> + Kimmo
> -- 

I've lost count of how many drives I've replaced in RAID arrays over the
years. Never lost an array yet. But this is dependent on the hardware being
up to the job. And I still have tape backups of every system I manage. Tapes
in various sets kept in a fire safe and in a bank vault. Snapshots to disk
are a valid method of backup, so long as they're not on the same hardware,
and ideally not in the same building. As far as my personal WP sites go, I
have wp-backup email me my database every day. Automated backups are much
better than ones you have to remember to get round to....

Les (manages servers and the like for a living) Bessant

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