[wp-hackers] [Pretty OT]May I be the first to console Owen...

James Kelly me at jameskelly.org
Sun Sep 17 23:21:07 GMT 2006

I don't understand what the issue is.  A RAID 5 by its very nature is
pretty solid if set up correctly, especially with hardware arrays.

I've worked with many and NEVER had one corrupt in the event of hard
drive failure, especially with a hot spare in play.

Friday, September 15, 2006, 6:25:02 AM, you wrote:

>>Strange coincidence, I lost all the data on my VPS last night when a
>>RAID array died.
> So, Something Unpredictable is gone too????

> Ok. Now in my experience, RAID is now 0-5 in recovering from failures.

> Yeesh - Sorry to hear it Robert.  I hope they have a recent backup...

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