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Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 20:52:49 GMT 2006

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Alex King wrote:
> Forking is part of Open Source - if the core product is (for whatever
> reason) not willing to satisfy needs/requests that people have, they can
> choose to do so themselves. You may not like this and/or disagree with
> what they are talking about doing - that is your right.
> All I'm saying is that if the folks that want PostgreSQL/SQLite/etc. all
> work together on an ADOdb port, this work can benefit and be leverages
> by others. I think that having a single fork around additional database
> support is a lot better idea than a fork for each database type.

Surely the best thing is to try and work with the support that is there.

Try and write a port to another db that uses the ability in 2.1 to
replace wpdb with a different version without changing and WordPress code.

Write the new wpdb such that it translates the queries and deals with
the mysqlisms.

If this can't be done without any changes to the core code them submit
them as small simple well reasoned patches to trac - if they improve
WordPress and help the ability to integrate in on other dbs then they
will likely get into the core code.

By doing it this way and creating a "plugin" to get the alternative db
support in you can concentrate on one thing - db independance rather
than ending up with a db independant old version which doesn't lend
itself to merging back in.

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