[wp-hackers] alternative database support

Michael K. Dolan Jr. email at michaeldolan.com
Tue Oct 10 14:35:19 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> Here's a summary of all the reasons why I think this is a bad idea.
> 2. Speed and scalability. 
Anyone who's done extensive performance testing of MySQL can vouch that 
it is one of the worst performing and least scalable database options 
for demanding workloads - now a blog... it doesn't really matter b/c 
these are fairly lightweight workloads. But if the index is so tapped 
for performance... maybe there are other options.

Now I like MySQL b/c 1) it's free (at least until you try to 
distribute...) and 2) it's everywhere and well supported by the 
community. I don't want to get into a perf/scalability argument but 
there's nothing to say that just introducing other database platforms 
will hurt performance. It's how you introduce other database platforms 
that could affect performance.

> 3. Plugins. 
This issue is just a result of the architecture as it's been; not 
necessary how it has to be going forward. Besides if someone is going to 
port on their own, they'll probably just do the same with the plugins 
they rely on.
> 4. Controlling the environment.
I completely agree but there has to be a way to manage this through 
testing/etc. And if it's just someone doing a port for their own use - 
it won't affect your support anyway.
> 5. Support.
Other application vendors seem to find ways of supporting just about any 
database on the market. If the right design is built in, it's easy. 
Maybe this is something for v3.0....

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