[wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

Michael B miklb.online at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 17:06:23 GMT 2006

I'm not implying that it's "someone else's job" to answer the tough
questions, I simply suggested that if more of the discussion about WordPress
functions, etc was held in the forums, perhaps more people would have access
to the info and possibly more answers would be given to the tougher
questions.  Period.

After sleeping on it, I wonder if there was a forum that was locked, that
only mods could move threads to, thus giving "hackers" a place to go and
answer tough questions could be a solution (if that's even doable with
bbPress).  The other suggestion of posting to the hackers list threads
marked with a special tag is another (though, that could become a problem,
as just anyone can tag threads, so it would almost have to be a "secret"
tag).   Heck, I'd even be willing to manually post links to threads to the
list if there was an embrace of the idea.  Almost like a digest.

Ultimately, I do respect the work the hackers put forth, and know that I
don't undervalue the discussions.  This was simply motivated by a desire to
consolidate the vast information and knowledge and attempt to stave off
wp-hackers from becoming the "real" support area.  Ultimately, it's just one


On 11/25/06, Computer Guru < computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
> > Sure. Scroll down to the bold "Interesting" on this page.
> > http://www.paulgraham.com/gh.html
> > Call it elitism if you want, but there's more that goes on behind the
> > scenes than a simple "I'm better than answering stupid questions."
> > (P.S., that essay is a great one to read the whole way through as
> > well, it might shed a new view on some of the things that I have said
> > and will say).
> Wow. Just wow.
> I never read that before, but I just read the entire article over twice.
> He *knows* exactly what it's like...
> Besides the constant ripping on Microsoft (you can program python in
> Windows even better than you can on linux - one word: VS2k5.. just
> awesome!), everything he said is true. When I first learned I could do what
> I do for fun and make money, it was like a miracle come true.
> Back to the point at hand:
> Like I said before: it doesn't make a difference what you call it, the
> fact is, it's there. Present a challenge, remove the fluff, and you'll see
> an immediate change in the number of "experts" (as you call them) there in
> the forums.
> BTW - just want to point out it doesn't really help when you make it seem
> that it's "our" <job> to provide the support in the forums. For me, that's
> why I stopped giving help on the online pc support forums. Here, the
> recognition comes from within the community and stuff. "We" contribute
> because we enjoy it. WordPress may be a community-powered blogging platform,
> and without the community WP may not exist, but the fact remains, you just
> have to rely on good-willed people willing to put up with the forum fluff.
> I'm the first to admit that *they* are the real heroes who are willing to
> help and put up with repetitive posts. I used to be like that, but everyone
> has a limit and an expiration date, I'm afraid my ticker just ran out. Props
> to those that do help - but you/shouldn't necessarily hate/blame/accuse
> those that don't participate in the forums. Everyone has a reason, we're not
> paid to do it (not that it would make a difference really), and that's the
> way the world works.
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