[wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

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Sat Nov 25 15:57:17 GMT 2006

> Sure. Scroll down to the bold "Interesting" on this page.
> http://www.paulgraham.com/gh.html
> Call it elitism if you want, but there's more that goes on behind the
> scenes than a simple "I'm better than answering stupid questions."
> (P.S., that essay is a great one to read the whole way through as
> well, it might shed a new view on some of the things that I have said
> and will say).

Wow. Just wow.
I never read that before, but I just read the entire article over twice. He *knows* exactly what it's like...
Besides the constant ripping on Microsoft (you can program python in Windows even better than you can on linux - one word: VS2k5.. just awesome!), everything he said is true. When I first learned I could do what I do for fun and make money, it was like a miracle come true.

Back to the point at hand:
Like I said before: it doesn't make a difference what you call it, the fact is, it's there. Present a challenge, remove the fluff, and you'll see an immediate change in the number of "experts" (as you call them) there in the forums.

BTW - just want to point out it doesn't really help when you make it seem that it's "our" <job> to provide the support in the forums. For me, that's why I stopped giving help on the online pc support forums. Here, the recognition comes from within the community and stuff. "We" contribute because we enjoy it. WordPress may be a community-powered blogging platform, and without the community WP may not exist, but the fact remains, you just have to rely on good-willed people willing to put up with the forum fluff. I'm the first to admit that *they* are the real heroes who are willing to help and put up with repetitive posts. I used to be like that, but everyone has a limit and an expiration date, I'm afraid my ticker just ran out. Props to those that do help - but you/shouldn't necessarily hate/blame/accuse those that don't participate in the forums. Everyone has a reason, we're not paid to do it (not that it would make a difference really), and that's the way the world works. 

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