[wp-hackers] RE: 2.1 Ongoing Work

Owen V. Gray ovgray at rogers.com
Tue Nov 14 13:43:21 GMT 2006

> >
> >> * Finalize nomenclature of Blogroll/Links/Bookmarks.
> >
> > Never made a decision here.  Using Links or Bookmarks seemed to be  
> > the preference.
> >
> >> * wp_list_bookmarks().  Is this complete?
> >
> > This is pretty complete now.  I think we need to deprecate the  
> > older link API and make it use wp_list_bookmarks().
> Doesn't this answer the question? If the API is now 'bookmarks' then  
> surely so should all other references - like the admin menu 
> and admin  
> pages.

I suggest that names assigned to functions in the API should not
determine how the outcome of that code is labelled in the user
interface. Does the name of the function 'is_home()' dictate that the
page with the posts on it must always be the front or 'home' page of a
WordPress site?

'Links' is the broadest, most generic description of this functionality.
'Blogroll' and 'Bookmarks' have connotations that will suggest  that the
functionality is more restricted or specialized than it actually is. A
change from 'Links' in 2.0 to 'Blogroll' or 'Bookmarks' in 2.1 will
suggest that the functionality has become more restricted or
specialized, to the exclusion of other uses to which it might be put,
whereas the opposite is the case. 'Blogroll' or 'Bookmarks' can be used
for categories of links, emphasizing how the functionality has been

Owen V. Gray

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