[wp-hackers] RE: 2.1 Ongoing Work

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Tue Nov 14 13:59:29 GMT 2006

On 01:43  PM |  Tue 14 Nov 06, at 01:43  PM |  14 Nov 06, Owen V.  
Gray wrote:

>>>> * Finalize nomenclature of Blogroll/Links/Bookmarks.
>>> Never made a decision here.  Using Links or Bookmarks seemed to be
>>> the preference.
>>>> * wp_list_bookmarks().  Is this complete?
>>> This is pretty complete now.  I think we need to deprecate the
>>> older link API and make it use wp_list_bookmarks().
>> Doesn't this answer the question? If the API is now 'bookmarks' then
>> surely so should all other references - like the admin menu
>> and admin
>> pages.
> I suggest that names assigned to functions in the API should not
> determine how the outcome of that code is labelled in the user
> interface. Does the name of the function 'is_home()' dictate that the
> page with the posts on it must always be the front or 'home' page of a
> WordPress site?
> 'Links' is the broadest, most generic description of this  
> functionality.
> 'Blogroll' and 'Bookmarks' have connotations that will suggest   
> that the
> functionality is more restricted or specialized than it actually is. A
> change from 'Links' in 2.0 to 'Blogroll' or 'Bookmarks' in 2.1 will
> suggest that the functionality has become more restricted or
> specialized, to the exclusion of other uses to which it might be put,
> whereas the opposite is the case. 'Blogroll' or 'Bookmarks' can be  
> used
> for categories of links, emphasizing how the functionality has been
> enhanced.
> Owen V. Gray

Oh I totally agree with you and by that token there was nothing wrong  
with the nomenclature of the old 'links' template tags. Template tags  
are used by a large number of people and are confusing to beginners  
as it is. My argument was simply that if you refer to the  
functionality as 'Blogroll'; name the corresponding API 'Bookmarks';  
and both of these  replace what all current users know as 'Links'  
then you have created instant confusion.

This debate has been going on for months! Personally I promote  
'Links' and I'd much prefer the current set of 'Links' template tags  
to continue to service the 'Links', regardless of the underlying  
changes in the categories structure. Why would I want, or be expected  
to change my templates for an upgrade that actually offers me nothing  


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