[wp-hackers] Revamping the <!--nextpage--> Pagination Function

Lloyd D Budd lloydomattic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 06:47:37 GMT 2006

On 11/8/06, Andy Beard <list.andy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lloyd D Budd wrote:
> >
> >
> > That is an absurd statement. Talk to a lawyer.
> >
> If someone wants to contribute the cost of the lawyer to my development fund
> sure. Even then I doubt the opinion could be based around test cases and
> offer any level of security.
> The GPL has a special version for programs such as libraries that allow them
> to be used in the development of commercial products.
> What I am effectively doing is creating commerical function libraries, and
> then using them from a plugin. The plugin interface might be regarded by
> many as being GPL depending on how it uses other Wordpress functions, but
> the libraries are not.
> That being said, I have also made sure my programmers don't use other GPL
> plugins as source for the interface elements.
> My license is written in such a way that if  during 3rd party code review it
> is determined that a certain file, due to the way it interacts with
> Wordpress makes it GPL, then the specific license reverts to GPL for that
> one file.

What I was referring to was an owner's rights to copyright license and
additionally license their own work as they desire. That is what makes
your statement "if I release something as GPL, I might not be able to
use the same code in a non GPL product" absurd.

I have had the (unfortunate) experience of working with lawyers and
area experts on complex (GPL) licensing related to Firefox and Flock.

The details you provide are in response are different matters, and
outside of my interest. I would recommend consulting a lawyers about
your "license [being] written in such a way that if..." because
copyright is not defined by file but by the work -- which may be
equivalent or not.

Enough of this for me, it gives me headaches, and when it comes to
legal matters the less I know often the better off I am,

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