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Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Tue May 30 16:13:21 GMT 2006

 A couple of notes:

I've been doing a good amount of "customizing" existing WP core files as
well as plugins, etc. The cheat sheets are a great resource, however, they
are only a very small piece of the "BIG" puzzle. I'd like to say thanks to
Sean for sending along the PS files as well, the reason is that, I have been
taking the extra time as I work to document each change I make, including
documenting as best and completely as I can each function/hook, etc,
including accepted/required arguments, proper useage, what it actually does,
what file it lives in, etc. I've been trying to do all this without
duplicating works which I know already exist (see list below), with the
eventual goal of 1)adding/updating the correct and complete infor to the WP
codex, and posting a similar "dictionary" style listing of everything I've
needed to figure out, etc on my own website. I like the PS files because I
think they might make a great "template" for a website where each item is
more or less a "button" linked to the info for that particular item. 

In addition, so that those of you who are interested in or in need of this
type of API information you may or may not be aware of the following:

Codex - information updated as it becomes available/or someone takes the
time/effort to add it:

Wordpress "Action Hooks", source file location, params, useage,etc. as they
become available:

More WP "Hooks" info, again some documented completely, some not:

Once again, I've been compiling as much info as I can on all of this, and so
hopefully some day I'll have some extra time to begin adding some of it to
the codex, as I do the work I need to, I've been adding to the above info as
I can find additional information or figure stuff out. 

Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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Personally, I'd lose the hooks, and fill that with other info, like specific
usages of things like add_management_page() with the params filled in.  The
thing about the hooks is that knowing the name is only half the battle...
you don't always know exactly where in the flow of things they are executed.
mce_buttons, mce_buttons_2,
mce_buttons_3 ??? I'm going to have to go look those up anyway.  And you're
never going to be able to fit all the hooks on there... there are just too
many.  But that may just be me... I'm sure different people have problems
remembering different things.  Oh, for add_filter/add_action... "accepted
args" should probably be "# of accepted args" just to be clear.

Big kudos on taking the initiative on this!  I'm ALWAYS having to look stuff
up, so a cheatsheet would really help me (I have a handwritten one for Gmail
taped to my wall... has helped me a lot).

Mark Jaquith

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