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Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Fri Mar 24 14:12:56 GMT 2006

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Paul Menard wrote:
> Greeting all,
> Long time reader first time poster.
> I have a client that want to allow users to signup for comments and 
> allow access to create their own post entries. I know I can turn on  the
> option to allow sometime who registers to also create content  (content
> author). After discussing this with the client though they  do not want
> the user to need to access the WP admin section to create  these post.
> In other words they would like a simple form hosted  external that will
> allow the person to sign-on and create the post.
> So my question to the group is. Is this possible without too much 
> effort? Has anyone done something like this before that I can  possibly
> use as a starting point?
> Thanks for all possible replies.
> Paul

You could do it in a variety of ways, including coding a form that used
XML-RPC to make the posts...

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