[wp-hackers] Porting Wordpress to PostgreSQL

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 01:44:51 GMT 2006

On 3/23/06, Andrew Krespanis <leftjustified at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/24/06, Martin <mgonzo at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I would be very willing to contribute some time to this effort, by writing
> > SQL, PHP code and/or documentation.
> Sweet, that's two of us onboard for an adoDB port... or do you have
> reasons to recommend PEAR:DB instead?

The one warning I'll give you about adding adoDB to WP at all, is the
speed. Well over half of the CPU time that WP spends while loading
pages are actually PHP's lexical scanner parsing the thousands of line
of source code which are included on every page and compiling the byte
code from that. Imagine adding adodb to that, without a byte code
cache, the load of adodb, and you've just made WP a server killer ;-)

That said, if I had to choose, adodb is the lesser of the two evils.
Nearly anything from PEAR would be met with huge reistance from me, I
find their code despicable and their coding standards horrendous ;-)

--Robert Deaton

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