[wp-hackers] "For the rest of us" theme

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Mon Jul 31 16:11:42 GMT 2006

Dave wrote:

> I don't have a mobile phone with web access, but I gather that the
> javascript support might be lackluster (I'm not sure about this though).

You're completely correct, and so the mobile render would be quite plain.
Feeds are really the right model for mobile blog reading, so this aspect
would represent a fairly small amount of work...just enough so that phones
with simple browsers (but that can't accommodate an feed reader for any
reason) can browse to sites and get something useful (albeit not pretty)
with as small a payload as possible.

> A lot of the services can be built in using widgets (adsense setup etc).

Absolutely, and presumably any plug-ins and widgets done as part of this
project could be useful in other themes.

To Robin and Dave, obviously I'm a K2 fan, and I participated in earlier
betas.  I won't be reinventing any wheels that I don't have to, but this
project will target a very different class of users.   

-- Charles

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