[wp-hackers] Feature Suggestion - OneClick Installs

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Jul 20 03:46:59 GMT 2006

jason switzer wrote:
> I haven't played with this PVS system, but these seem to only address part
> of the problem. This needs to allow the developers the installation, 
> removal
> and update procedures.

We already have activate and deactivate hooks, although putting them in 
an ebuild style file might have merit.

> The Installer plugin seems to have requirements as to
> what can be installed and where it's installed. By using the Ebuild style
> file, this allows the plugin developer themselves to define where the file
> is and how to manage the installation of the plugin. 

Such flexibility shouldn't be necessary.  Plugins that are installing 
outside of the plugins directory should be spanked and sent to bed.  Bad 

I like the Installer plugin because it is fairly straightforward and 
doesn't try to do too much.  Plus, it is implemented and working.  But, 
grafting some of these ideas onto the installer might be nice.  Maybe 
Matt Read and Owen will weigh in with their thoughts.


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