[wp-hackers] query_posts broken 2.0.5?

Michael D Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Sat Dec 23 18:45:42 GMT 2006

On Dec 22, 2006, at 8:26 PM, Michael B wrote:

> Very odd Kaf.  I did the same thing on a test site using the  
> default theme,
> and no go.  I did have some plugins installed, but nothing that I  
> would have
> thought would interfere with postings, and the poster in that  
> thread said
> they had no plugins active.  And as I said, I even tried using  
> category_name
> to no avail.
> Guess I might want to deactivate plugin by plugin to be sure.

I'm not sure if this is the problem for your specific case, but try  
switching to the default or classic theme, too.  Some themes do  
strange things that can poison later query_post()s (I believe this  
has been addressed in 2.1).


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