[wp-hackers] Lyceum integration

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Aug 10 07:57:25 GMT 2006

Scot Hacker wrote:
> Can you elaborate please? Do you mean better able to serve their purpose 
> for the sake of developers, or for users? Certainly a ton of users would 
> prefer to have WP be multi-blog capable.  If a user starts a blog and 
> then decides they want another (which I can attest happens frequently 
> with my users), do they then do a 2nd WP installation (and have to worry 
> about upgrading them separately), or try and figure out how to integrate 
> their existing blog into Lyceum or MU? Why not just build it into the 
> main trunk and future-proof all users? Is there some issue with extra 
> overhead or code complexity? I'm just trying to get a handle on the 
> reasons for what seems like a huge omission in the WP feature list.

WPMU is primarily targeted at shared hosting setups with hundreds and 
thousands of blogs (almost 300k in the case of wordpress.com).  We don't 
need that kind of capability in core WP, which is targeted at single 
blog setups.  WP does have some unofficial multiple blog capability. 
Turning that into an MU light wouldn't take a whole lot, but nobody has 
been interested enough to make it happen. It could probably be done as 
a plugin.

Often times those wanting multiple personal blogs simply architect their 
single blog to fit their needs or use WP's under-the-covers multi-blog 
support.  Those needing true multi-blog capability with site 
administration and added security features pick WPMU or Lyceum.


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